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Opera in Rome

by Giacomo Puccini

In the round

by Giacomo Puccini
In the round

A Tosca production RomeConcerts style, in which the audience surrounds the stage!
Take part to an absolutely unique experience: the stage is located in the middle of the rows of seats and the audience feel like being part of the action. Like watching a 3D movie you will see the singers surround you while singing and acting.
Small venue, limited audiences, the audience close to the artists and top level performances!

On the fantastic melodies of Giacomo Puccini, a few meters from Castel Sant'Angelo, come to relive the story of Floria Tosca, of her lover Mario Cavaradossi and of the terrible Baron Scarpia!
You will listen to “E lucevan le stelle” and “Vissi d’arte” having the performers at a feet distance.
And you will be guided in your experience of Tosca with a summary of the story and anecdotes about opera in English.

Tosca, the Roman opera par excellence

Tosca is the Roman lyric opera par excellence. The story takes place in Rome, at the time of the fall of the first Roman Republic on a precise date: Saturday, June 14, 1800, the day of the Battle of Marengo.
The first act is set in the church of Sant'Andrea della Valle, the second in Palazzo Farnese and the third in Castel Sant'Angelo: the latter located just a few dozen meters from the RomeConcerts hall.

Tosca, a frame of the second act: Vittoria, vittoria!

Tosca, a frame of the first act: Grazie, Signor

Characters and  Interpreters
Floria Tosca,
a celebrated singer:

   Monica Cucca
Mario Cavaradossi,

   Alessandro Fantini
Baron Scarpia,
Chief of Police:

   Giordano Farina
Cesare Angelotti:    Andrea Cionci
a Policeman:

   Teofilo Ciardi
Musical director
at the piano:

   Giovanni Velluti / Diego Moccia
Directed by:    Luigi Zacco Giovanelli
Costumes:    MCCT & RomeConcerts
The show is in 3 acts with 2 short intervals and lasts about 90 minutes.

Tosca, a frame of the third act: E lucevan le stelle

Tosca, a frame of the third act: Amaro sol per te m'era il morire

RomeConcerts brings the Opera in Rome, in the full Heart of the City.
The show is in fact located just meters away from the Castel Sant'Angelo and the legendary St. Peter's Basilica, in a warm and intimate hall at Piazza di Ponte Sant'Angelo.

Join Alessandro Fantini and Giovanni Velluti leading their team of internationally renowned artists!

Viewers' opinion

Noche de encanto

TripAdvisor score

Ya había tenido ocasión de oír un concierto de RomeConcerts, Opera Greatest Hits in Tome, y el nivel fue excepcional, pero veo que también Tosca sigue manteniendo la calidad. Excelentes cantantes situados a dos o tres metros del público. Una sensación única. Es como participar en directo a la actuación. Hay que verlo absolutamente.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Set 16, 2019 by juan d

Wundervolle Tosca im besten Veranstaltungsort!

TripAdvisor score

Während unsere Reise in Rom wollten wir unbedingt ein Oper anschauen gehen. Wir haben uns für diese entschieden. Eine der besten Erlebnisse in Rom! Die Tosca in der Nähe der Orten der Oper (erster Akt in einer Kirche, der zweite am Palazzo Farnese, der dritte an der Engelsburg). Die Einleitungen die am Anfang jedes Aktes stattfinden sind sehr wertvoll. Es ist wunderschön so nahe bei den Sängern zu sein! Hervorragend, empfohlen!

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Set 16, 2019 by T9745JKfreddy

A great night out!

TripAdvisor score

We decided to take part in this event as I am in love with Tosca and listening to it in Rome could not provide a better setting !! The artists are very professional and provide very useful and interesting insights.... And the opera is brillantly put in the scene ...Definitely a very original night out in the Eternal City!

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Set 13, 2019 by Patrizia P


TripAdvisor score

Une belle représentation de Tosca près de Castel S. Angelo.
Les chanteurs sont si proches de vous que vous pouvez les toucher!
Il semble qu'ils chantent juste pour vous. Les voix sont sublimes
Opéra à ne pas rater.
Viva Puccini!

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Set 9, 2019 by Marianne C

Marvellous Tosca! Recommended

TripAdvisor score

I’ll never forget... I’ve seen Tosca in a space in front of Castel Sant’Angelo. A masterpiece seated near the artists. The tenor Alessandro Fantini, has an unbelievable wonderful voice, the soprano, Monica Cucca has interpreted in a marvellous way.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Jun 8, 2019 by LucyRome

Recommended: a real gem

TripAdvisor score

I accidentally discovered this Tosca, which left me really satisfied, even though I didn't have high expectations. The opera, my favorite, is represented almost entirely, in an essential but suggestive way, in a small church opposite Castel Sant'Angelo. The acoustics are good and the main interpreters are exceptional. The interpretation of "E lucevan le stelle" by the tenor was particularly moving.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Jun 7, 2019 by reblanc

Tosca intense and exciting

TripAdvisor score

The main performers have all entered the character perfectly, creating an engaging and full of energy atmosphere. Excellent musical level, voices with a beautiful Puccini tone and a noteworthy singing technique. A special mention must be made for the splendid soprano, who knew how to classify all the fragility and, at the same time, Tosca's courage. Not to be missed.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor, in Italian, May 29, 2019 by Fabio D

A small hidden treasure...

TripAdvisor score

Last night, As I stepped into the Methodist Church in Piazza di Ponte Sant'Angelo for this performance of Tosca, I honestly had no too big expectations. At the end I can say I was wrong, since the show was really amazing. In one hour and a half you can enjoy an important selection of the most famous and representative scenes and arias from the Opera without the feeling to have missed something. Despite the poor scenography and the limited space, the opera has been well staged and very well sung. I enjoyed above all the lady interpreting the title role for his voice and his acting. Last but not list, after the closing of the opera, I mean after Tosca trowed yourself out of Castel Sant'Angelo, it was very suggestive coming out from the church and finding yourself in front of the real Castel Sant'Angelo. Priceless, definitely a must if you are in Rome!

Reviewed on TripAdvisor May 28, 2019 by Dario M



Tosca in Rome Tosca
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Dates and Prices 2019



27 May at 8:00 PM
14 October at 7:30 PM
21 December at 7:30 PM

Ticket price

Adults € 35
Youngs(*) € 25
Kids(**) FREE
(*) 13-26 years old, with ID
(**) Under 13, with ID

Opera and dinner

The show Tosca includes un option of dinner or light dinner at the Zagara Restaurant, a two-minute walk from our hall.


Timetable and other info

The doors open 10-15 minutes before the start of the show.
The show lasts about 90 minutes and is 3 acts, with 2 short intervals.
No dresscode requested.
The hall is fully accessible for wheelchairs.


Piazza di Ponte Sant'Angelo 68, Rome (Italy).
A few meters from Sant'Angelo Castel and the St. Peter's Basilica.


Box office

Piazza di Ponte Sant'Angelo 68, Rome (Italy).
On the day of the show, from 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

Tosca's story

Act I

Rome, June 14, 1800, the day of the Battle of Marengo, a few months after the restoration of Papal State. Cesare Angelotti, former Consul of the Roman Republic, furtively enters the church of Sant’Andrea della Valle, having escaped from the prison of Castel Sant’Angelo. He searches for the key of the Attavanti chapel, which his sister, the Marchesa, has hidden in an arranged place, he finds it and akes refuge inside.

The painter Mario Cavaradossi arrives to work on a portrait of the Magdalene. Angelotti thinks he is alone and comes out of the chapel, and is astounded to see Mario, an old friend; but their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Mario’s lover, the singer Floria Tosca.

Angelotti hides, but Tosca has heard voices and is furiously jealous, not least because she recognizes the Marchesa Attavanti’s features in the portrait. Mario reassures her and she leaves.

Angelotti and Cavaradossi can now resume their dialogue, but when a cannon shot announces that the escape has been discovered, they leave hurriedly.

Castel Sant'Angelo
The poster of the first absolute representation of Tosca

Scarpia, the chief of police, enters the church with a policeman, and in the course of their investigations they find a folding fan bearing the Attavanti coat of arms.

When Tosca arrives, Scarpia shows it to her to arouse her jealousy. Tosca sets off quickly for Mario’s villa, where she thinks she will find him with the Marchesa Attavanti, and Scarpia orders the policeman to follow her. While, in the city, news is awaited on the outcome of the clash between the Austrian general Melas and Napoleon, at Marengo, the chief of police prepares to savour the victory of capturing two conspirators and enjoying Tosca’s favours.

Act II

Palazzo Farnese
Palazzo Farnese, in the opera the headquarters of Scarpia, currently houses the Embassy of France in Italy

On the upper floor of Palazzo Farnese, Scarpia is dining and he awaits news from his policeman, who arrives to report that he has found no traces of Angelotti, but he has arrested Cavaradossi for suspicious bahaviour. The interrogation begins, and Tosca hears the cries of her tortured lover coming from the adjoining room.

Mario will not speak, but Tosca, anguished by what she hears, reveals that Angelotti is hidden in the well of the villa.

A policeman is sent off immediately, and while Mario is cursing Tosca’s weakness, the news of Napoleon's definitive victory at Marengo arrives: a moment of rejoicing for Mario, who is dragged away.

Scarpia is now alone with Tosca to bargain over Mario’s life: he will have him set free on condition that she yield to his passion. Tosca at first refuses with contempt, but at Scarpia’s insistence that it is her only hope of saving her lover, and the news that Angelotti has killed himself when he was discovered, she accepts: Mario will be shot in a mock execution, and will then be able to escape with a safe-conducted which Scarpia prepares to sign.

Now Scarpia can have Tosca at last, but as he goes to embrace her she stabs him in the brest. She takes the safe-conduct which the dead man is still clutching, and leaves.


The platform of Castel Sant’Angelo, where Mario Cavaradossi is brought to await execution. The dawn is about to break and Mario writes his last lines to Tosca. She arrives and explains about the mock execution and the killing of Scarpia.

Tosca watches the execution from a casemate and when all the soldiers have left she goes over to him. She barely has time to realize that Mario is dead when shouting is heard: Scarpia’s corpse has been found. As a policemen rushes towards her she hurls herself from the battlement.

Castel Sant'Angelo
Castel Sant'Angelo, at the time used by the Papal State as a court and prison


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