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We are in the heart of Rome

The hall

Our concerts and shows are held in the heart of Rome, a few dozen meters from Sant'Angelo Castel, St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums

Only a few dozen meters far from Hadrian Mausoleum (Sant'Angelo castel: the Pope's castel) we are on the route of some of the most famous visited sites that attract million of visitors from all over the world (St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican museums).

The hall is warm on winter and fresh during the hot summer days: since the doors open 15 minutes before the concert starts you can relax a little after a day spent walking around.

Our venue has been widely described by our guests as "intimate", "with excellent acoustics", and helps to experience something like a private concert with the artists at a few feet distance and in which a familiar atmosphere thrives, especially after the concert when the artists mingle with the audience toasting and chatting.


A must

TripAdvisor score

Small concert room but really enjoyable. I highlyrecommend this event.
Extraordinary atmosphere, close to the stage.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Jul 11, 2019 by paulalbrecht2016

Amazing concert, perfect setting

TripAdvisor score

When we first went into this small church, we were really wondering what we might hear. Then, the wonderful sounds of a professional opera singer came into the space and we were stunned with the beauty we heard. The concert ended much too early and we went out into the evening changed by the event. What a Fantastic performance!

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Jul 03, 2019 by KentuckyWonderer

Powerful and Intimate

TripAdvisor score

Wonderful pianist with an amazing tenor and soprano in an intimate setting. The singers were moving throughout and around the audience singing and feeling the emotion of the arias. A wonderful experience I would do again and again.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Mar 28, 2019 by Wander15966555867, Dover, Arkansas

Exercise opera singing so close you can touch it

TripAdvisor score

I saw Rome Concerts with Alessandro Fantini (tenor), Federica Giblisco (soprano), and Giovanni Velluti (pianist) perform last night. They perform in small venues so you can get close, which is a real treat. It was a Christmas Concert. The concert alternated between arias, a piano piece, and then another opera with the greatest Napolina music like Funiculì, Funiculà and of course O Sole Mio. The pianist played Chopin and Liszt and told short anecdotes about their relationship with Italy at a time when most composers lived in Paris. Federica is a strong opera and she is a beautiful woman. The men will swoon. They signers wandered in and out of the crowd at the end let me take pictures with them. The tenor has a strong voice. The singers shared champagne with the audience. I have seen opera from the front row of the Met and the National Opera in Washington DC many times but this was the first time it was so close.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Dec 23, 2018 Walker R, Malaga, Spain

Wonderful experience

TripAdvisor score

The performers are very talented and yet so friendly and approachable. The explanation in English before the opera songs help us appreciate them even more. It is a small church, so we all get premium seats. One of the highlights of our Rome trip.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Dec 13, 2017 by DYSC, Melbourne

An experience to savour whether or not classical music is your thing

TripAdvisor score

My partner agreed, reluctantly, to accompany me to this performance on a spur of a moment impulse but to her surprise we both loved it. It felt so intimate and so wonderfully right in Rome. Like the music as it might have been performed when it was originally written - no vast stage with tiny figures glimpsed through binoculars and the sound coming from multiple speakers but right up close and personal. The sweat and the sawdust to borrow a phrase from boxing.
I'm no classical expert but the music was uplifting and invigorating - think mosh pit with chairs & nibbles and wine afterwards. Alternatively imagine yourself on your 18C Grand Tour taking in the experience of Rome with a personal concert. Whatever - do yourself a favour and book.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Apr 23, 2017 by John B, Manly, Australia

Practical information

We do not have any dress code because we know that it is difficult if you've been walking all the day long, and our venue allows people to avoid to be obliged returning to the hotel before the concert because is on the cross of many main routes when visiting Rome (Vatican, Trastevere, Prati, Popolo Square, Venice Square, the Roman Forum).

We are fully accessible for wheel chairs, and our concert Opera Greatest Hits and Romantic Piano is also a perfect choice if you want an introduction to Italian Opera.

And finally we don't have different prices for seats because all our seats are so close to the scene!

The enveloping acoustics offer a different experience depending if you choose to seat three feet far from the musicians or in last pew, which is 30 feet from the scenes. And in Opera Greatest Hits and Tosca Highlights you are placed in the middle of the action, having singers moving between rhe few rows of seats.
This is to give the audience not only an Opera but an experience.


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